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Welcome to Pfizer’s Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment site where access to Pfizer developed Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs), approved translations and other supportive documentation can be obtained.

Please note that some measures are designed to be used in clinical research to assess clinical benefit and others are designed to be used for screening. The screening tools are clearly marked as such. The instruments on this website are not intended to be used as diagnostic tools.

Instruments found under each of the main disease areas include detailed background information and relevant references.

Instruments may be ordered by going to the individual instrument pages. Please note that fees may apply for use. Translations are available in a variety of languages.

All instruments will be emailed with a scoring manual and translation certificate (if applicable for non-source languages). Any supportive developmental history or validation materials that are in our archives can be requested by completing the form on the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

Please be advised that all instruments have been developed to be completed via paper unless otherwise indicated. When using electronic technology, additional steps may be necessary. Proof reading of the electronic representation of the instrument by the technology vendor (e.g. Interactive Voice Recognition System (IVRS) script, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) screen shots) is recommended. In scenarios in which linguistic validation is required, cognitive debriefing of the electronic representation of the instrument is recommended.

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