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Please note that some measures are designed to be used for clinical research for outcome
assessment and some measures are designed to be used as a screening tool.

Chronic Pain Questions (CPQ) - SCREENER

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Chronic Pain Questions (CPQ) - SCREENER

Description and Context of Use
The 14-item Chronic Pain Questions (CPQ) were originally developed for use in clinical practice to help physicians collect appropriate data on chronic pain (defined as pain on most days in the past 3 months), that would support efficient screening and monitoring of patients with chronic pain in a primary care setting.
Population age range
Number of items
Recall Period
Past 3 months/Past week
Response Scales
Yes/No and 11 point numeric rating scale
Administration Mode
Paper or electronic
Administration Time
10 minutes
Coyne KS, Currie BM, Donevan S, Brodsky M, Asmus MJ, Krichbaum DW, Cappelleri JC, Hegeman-Dingle R, Sadosky A, Whipple SZ. Burbridge C, Mulhem E, Hillenberg JB. Psychometric validation of the Electronic Chronic Pain Questionnaire (eCPQ) in a primary care setting. Current Medical Research and Opinion. 2017a; 33:137-148.

Coyne KS, Currie BM, Donevan S, Cappelleri JC, Hegeman-Dingle R, Abraham L, Thompson C, Sadosky A, Brodsky M. Discriminating between neuropathic pain and sensory hypersensitivity using the Chronic Pain Questions (CPQ). Postgraduate Medicine. 2017b; 129:22-31.

Portenoy R. Development and testing of a neuropathic pain screening questionnaire: ID Pain. Current Medical Research and Opinion. 2006; 22:1555-165.
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