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Erection Hardness Scale (EHS)

Description and Context of Use: 
The EHS measures erection hardness.
Population age range: 
Male adults (18+)
Number of items: 
Recall Period: 
Response Scales: 
4-point Likert scale
Administration Mode: 
Self-administered; Paper and pen
Administration Time: 
30 minutes
Mulhall JP, Goldstein I, Bushmakin AG, Cappelleri JC, Hvidsten K. Validation of the erection hardness score. J Sex Med. 2007;4(6):1626-163.

Goldstein I, Mulhall JP, Bushmakin AG, Cappelleri JC, Hvidsten K, Symonds T. The erection hardness score and its relationship to successful sexual intercourse. J Sex Med. 2008 Oct;5(10):2374-80.
Original Language: 
English (US)
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