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The International Index of Erectile Function addresses the relevant domains of male sexual function (i.e., erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction), is psychometrically sound, and has been linguistically validated in multiple languages. This questionnaire is readily self-administered in research or clinical settings. Other relevant information
The IIEF demonstrates the sensitivity and specificity for detecting treatment-related changes in patients with erectile dysfunction. Dimension(s) covered by the questionnaire:
  • Erectile function (6 items)
  • Orgasmic function (2 items)
  • Sexual desire (2 items)
  • Intercourse satisfaction (3 items)
  • Overall satisfaction (2 items)
There are two versions of the IIEF. Version 1 is applicable only to heterosexual men. Version 2 is slightly edited so that it is applicable to both heterosexual and homosexual men. All available translations of both instruments are available on this website.

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