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Partner-Patient Questionnaire for Shared Activities (PPQSA)

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Partner-Patient Questionnaire for Shared Activities (PPQSA)

Description and Context of Use: 
The PPQSA measures the caregiver-patient shared activities that would be useful in evaluating the effects of interventions in clinical trials of mild Alzheimer’s Disease.
Population age range: 
Adults/Geriatrics (Age 50+ yrs)
Number of items: 
Recall Period: 
The past 24 hours or the past week
Response Scales: 
5-point Likert scale, Dichotomous: Yes/No, Checklist 
Administration Mode: 
Self-administered; Paper and pen
Administration Time: 
15 minutes
Reilly MC, Relkin NR, Zbrozek AS. Development and testing of a new outcome measure of relationship between patients with Alzheimer’s disease and their partners. Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2006 Aug-Sep; 21(4): 249-57.
Original Language: 
English (US)
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