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Please note that some measures are designed to be used for clinical research for outcome
assessment and some measures are designed to be used as a screening tool.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) - SCREENER

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) - SCREENER

Description and Context of Use
The PHQ is used to assess metal disorders, functional impairment, and recent psychosocial stressors.
Population age range
Adults (Age 18+)
Number of items
PRIME-MD: 26-item self-administered questionnaire + structured clinical interview containing 5 modules (5 classes of disorders).
PHQ: 76 item + 6 item for women only
PHQ-9: 9-item
PHQ-15: 15-item
Recall Period
During the past month
Response Scales
3- and 4-point Likert scale, Dichotomous: Yes/No
Administration Mode
Self-administered; Clinician-rated; Paper and pen; E-version
Administration Time
10 minutes
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