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Please note that some measures are designed to be used for clinical research for outcome
assessment and some measures are designed to be used as a screening tool.

Urgency Perception Scale (UPS)

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Urgency Perception Scale (UPS)

Description and Context of Use
The UPS assesses patient perception of urinary urgency in patients with overactive bladder syndrome (OAB).
Population age range
Adults (18+)
Number of items
Recall Period
Currently (First-visit module); Since the previous visit (Follow-up module)
Response Scales
3-point scale
Administration Mode
Self-administered; Interviewer-administered; Paper and pen
Administration Time
2 minutes
Cardozo L, Coyne KS, Versi E. Validation of the Urgency Perception Scale. BJU Int. 2005;95:591-596 (Full Text Article).
Original Language
English (US)
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